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What is the maximum group size for safaris? Open or Close

The maximum number of people for a safari is 7.

Is there any self-guided option on the safaris? Open or Close

There is no self-guided guided option on safaris due to safety and other regulations at the park. 

Does joining a Safari need any special training? Open or Close

No special training is required but you must follow safety regulations when on a safari. On trips that combine trekking with a safari holiday, a basic level of fitness is needed.

How do I get to the starting point of the trips? Are airport transfers included in all trips? Open or Close

We have tried to provide you with this information with each trip but you will receive final information about how to get to the starting point of your trip about two to three weeks before departure. In Europe public transport will usually get you there so an airport transfer is not usually included in your trip price. Please contact us should you need an airport transfer, however, and we will be happy to arrange for it. Airport transfers are included in trip prices in Asia as public transport systems can be unreliable and hard to follow In Africa also airport transfers are usually included but where they are not please get in touch with us if you would like one arranged.

What are the advantages of going through the Active Holiday Company? Open or Close

Going through the Active Holiday Company gives you the advantage of expert guides who are very involved in and educated about what they do. Also, the small size of our groups means that you get a much more wholesome experience of the place. Finally, we use locally run hotels and lodges and as well as helping to support the local economy, this gives our travelers a much more authentic experience.

What kind of accommodation can I expect? Open or Close

We try to support locally run inns, guesthouses and hotels as this in turn supports the local economy. It also serves to give you a more personal experience that allows you a glimpse into local culture. While all the places you stay at will be comfortable, many may be quite simple. Some trips allow you to upgrade to a more luxurious place but in smaller towns and villages that may not be an available option.

Are there any restrictions on my baggage? Is there a packing list? Open or Close

As a general guideline, always keep the weather in mind when packing. Pack as light as possible to make your bag easy to handle. For safaris specifically, a trekking or duffel bag is best as your bag must be soft and have no wheels or frame for you to be able to board a local flight. Look in the ‘before you go’ section of your trip for more general help. You will receive details on booking and a comprehensive packing list will be sent to you before departure.

Do I have to carry my own luggage on the trek to Kilimanjaro? Open or Close

You do not have to carry your own luggage as there will be porters.

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