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What happens if the marathon I have registered for is cancelled or postponed on account of COVID-19? Open or Close

After the successful and safe execution of all World Major Marathons in 2021, there is no reason to assume that any of the major races will be cancelled or postponed in 2022. Should either happen, the options available to runners will be announced by race organisers after the announcement of such a decision. Organisers are now resorting back to the old policy of no refund and no deferral so changes that either of these options will be available on gratis basis are remote. We will communicate the options if the race announces a cancellation or postponement. 

Can I get a refund for the accommodation part if my race is cancelled due to COVID-19? Open or Close

Tour Operator entries are not available without accommodation. The cancellation policy for each hotel we use is different, however, it is always our effort to work in the interest of our runners and ensure that they do not lose money. Therefore, although group bookings are prepaid and non-refundable, all hotels we have booked for the World Marathon Majors have assured us that should the event be cancelled, we will receive a credit for future use. A change in the race date can mean a change in your original accommodation and/or a change in your trip price based on the cost of the accommodation on the new race date. Active Holiday Company may also charge a nominal service fee to cover administrative costs. 

Should my race get postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, can I transfer my payment to another race? Open or Close

Non-refundable race entry fees are pre-paid to race organisers against your registration. If your race is postponed, the options available will depend on the options offered by that race organisers - refund or deferment as well as if we are permitted to replace your spot with another runner. Transferring the amount held by Active Holiday Company to another race depends on many factors including our ability to find a replacement runner for the race you are currently registered for, our contract with the races as well as the availability of spots for the new race you are requesting. 

If my race is postponed to a date that does not work for me can my entry be deferred to next year? Open or Close

The option to defer to next year is possible if the race organisers of the postponed race extend such an option. There may be restrictions on the number of entries we can transfer to the following year as well as a time limit by when you can defer your entry. There may also be costs attached to deferral as free deferrals are not part of the standard policy for most event organisers. 

Does my nationality or country of residence impact my ability to register for a race through Active Holiday Company? Open or Close

Yes, different races place different restrictions on who can be booked through Active Holiday Company based on their current location or nationality. Please contact us to know more. 

Do all marathon trips include entry to the races? Open or Close

No, not all trips include the race entry. Each race clearly states whether the race entry is included or not.

What is the value Active Holiday Company is adding if I have to register for the race on my own? Open or Close

We are happy to take on the pain of planning your travel and handling the logistics so that you can focus on your race. You will also get to meet like-minded runners and enjoy strategically located hotels. Our marathon groups are an opportunity to network with runners from all over the world.

Can I take just the race entry through Active Holiday Company? Open or Close

Unfortunately our contract with most races, particularly the 'in-demand' races do not permit us to offer the race entry without accommodation / or other travel services. The only exception to this would be the Comrades Marathon.

Why does your trip price exclude flight tickets? Open or Close

Our travellers come from all parts of the world. Some like to extend with more touring and sightseeing, others prefer to book online and at times they even like to use their miles for discounted travel. It is always easy to add flights and we can do so if you would like us to, even if our marathon trips are priced on ‘land-only’ basis.

Can I bring along a companion? Open or Close

As long as your companion doesn’t mind, we don’t! Since our marathon trips are all about combining the love of running with the love of travel, there’s enough touring and general activities including making them fun for all travellers. Some companions even opt for running shorter distances. If you want to take your family and children along – we can recommend some races to fun destinations.

I am travelling alone. Can you help me find someone to share the room with? Open or Close

Yes, if you want to save on a single supplement – let us know at the time of booking your spot and we will check if there is another single traveller who is also looking to share a room. Even if you are going solo, you can benefit from our services as we handle all the logistics of your travel and touring and most of all with our running group you won’t be lonely even if you are travelling alone.

Can Active Holiday Company customise my race package for me? Open or Close

Absolutely! Our race packages include stay at well located properties and other services. Apart from this, we can tailor-make your trip to extend pre or post the trip. We offer this service to those who have either already registered for the race with us or those who have paid the ‘Custom Trip’ charges.

Can I register for shorter races and benefit from Active Holiday Company services? Open or Close

Yes! Yes! Yes! Many consider the half-marathon distance the perfect blend of challenger and joy and it is for this reason that many race events include these. And running shorter distances is even more fun when you are on vacation! Come along and join the fun.

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